Slices of Dream


「夢的切片」Slices of Dreams

-藝術家自述Artist’s Personal Statement  


潛意識夢,清醒夢。我偶爾會紀錄一些印象深刻的夢境。它們消失的太快,而大腦又是個狡猾的東西,不知不覺篡改我們的記憶。所以我們最終在霎那間憶起來的夢未必是那個「真實」的夢。現實與夢境的界線逐漸模糊了。究竟現實真的可靠嗎。還是夢境就是另一種現實。也許我們的「現實」只是更高維度的「夢境」而已。而那些潛伏在夢中的意識,或許只是日間的返照,又或許是壓抑之下的洪水猛獸。我想把這些夢以創作的方式「紀錄」下來,而後在現實中繼續打滾。 Subconscious dreams, clear dreams...Occasionally I record my impressive dreams. They vanish very fast. A brain is so wily that it always distorts our memories. Thus the dream that eventually comes to mind might not be that “authentic” dream. The border between reality and dream is turning vague. Is reality reliable? Is a dream actually another reality? Perhaps our “reality” is just a “dream” in a higher dimension. The sense hidden in dreams may be the reflection of the daytime, or the fierce monsters under suppression. I hope to “record” these dreams by creating and then keep fighting in the reality.  

這次展覽的作品集合了今年上半年度的一些創作,除了水彩,加入了絲網印與拼貼等方式。這些不同元素的碰撞與組合,在不同質感的紙張中呈現出不同的味道。種種這些,像各種細微的意識交錯,重疊,突兀的出現。這或多或少都讓我覺得帶有夢的質感,同時體驗到插畫創作的更多可能性。 The artworks in this exhibition are the collection of my creations in the first half of this year. Apart from watercolor, skills as silk screening and collage are also employed. The combinations of these multiple elements present various feelings in paper with different textures, as like different kinds of subtle consciousness that interweave, overlap and appear suddenly, which to some extent brings the feeling of dream to me, and let me recognise more possibilities of illustration.  


郝元春 Yolanda Kog